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Graphic Novel and Manga Project

Posted: May 13, 2004 03:44 PM

We finished a large project for a client on the Graphic Novel and Manga segments of the Direct Market this week.

All 60+ pages of the final report are in the client's hands, and I will be watching from the sidelines with great interest to see what use they make of the information we developed for the project.

The project combined summarized Customer Source Survey data from surveys reaching back to 1986, information from public sources, survey information that we obtained from retailers in April and proprietary research that we'd performed over the last four years.

We will be sending a condensed summary of some of the results to the retailers who participated in the study, and will post that document here a month later.

Some of the more interesting things we found were that the majority of retailers surveyed didn't feel that manga was a fad (though they all felt a shakeout was inevitable), that as we though reorders were far more important than initial orders, that Cold Cut (pre-Tokyo Pop going 'exclusive' with Diamond) was trouncing Diamond on reorders and that it is possible to compete effectively against bookstores and discounters for manga customers.

One point that we stressed heavily in our report was that we believed the limiting factor to manga growth in the DIrect Market are the inefficiencies that are part of the marketing channel, and that real growth of manga sales in the Direct Market will depend to a great extent on how publishers deal with these problems and how they work with retailers.

If there are topics that any of you are particularly interested in, send us an e-mail and we'll see what we can do to fill your request.

Mel Thompson