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Who is Mel Thompson?

Mel Thompson is the founder and President of Melchior Thompson & Associates. He has worked for many years as a senior officer in consulting firms specializing in site selection as well as in fast-response business information research before becoming involved with the comics/pop culture industry.  He has worked with the comics industry since 1984.

Mr. Thompson has extensive experience in site selection and analysis, including the development of numerous mathematical sales forecasting models for a wide variety of retail industries including home centers, home furnishings stores, supermarkets, super-drugstores and, of course, specialty comics/pop culture entertainment stores.

He received his Master's degree in Regional Planning from Harvard University, which included additional graduate work at the Harvard Business school and at M.I.T. Mr. Thompson is a recognized authority and expert on the Direct Market in North America, has written extensively for the trade, has been a frequent speaker and panelist at industry gatherings and is a qualified expert witness in Federal Court on this subject.

His company has developed a comprehensive and unique set of proprietary sales, marketing and demographic consumer data on the Direct Market which is not available anywhere else.

His company also developed the first ordering and inventory control system designed specifically for the unique needs of specialty comics retailers, which is now used in more than 500 stores throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

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