Diamond Catalogs

Diamond Catalog Files

This is the last free download for the monthly Diamond ComTrac-Dos order form!
Starting with the May order form, we will no longer provide free versions of the Diamond order form that are compatible with ComTrac DOS.

We will charge $30.00 per 12-month period for the service of providing retailers with a DOS-compatible order form file for ComTrac Dos.  We will e-mail you with a copy of the appropriate Zip file to the e-mail address of your choice 2-3 days before the end of each month. 

If you want to continue receiving the Diamond order form in DOS-compatible form, e-mail us and we will telephone you or you can telephone the office directly to arrange for payment.   We have also provided a PayPal button for your convenience.

Memorial Day Weekend!
We will be monitoring the office voice mail this three day weekend.  Either use PayPal or leave a message on VM when and how you can be reached to set up your Dos order form subscription.

Beginning May 1st, 2010 all calls for ComTrac DOS assistance of any kind will cost $35.00 to billed via credit card, unless the problem is connected with importing the monthly Diamond order form and you are a download subscriber in good standing. 

Diamond Monthly Order Form

Some ComTrac users have had problems when importing the Diamond monthly order form.  We provide Diamond DOS order form files in pre-loaded format for your convenience.  Download the proper file and follow the instructions below to import the new order form.

Payment Options

Call or click (support@comtrac.net) to order your year's subscription.  You can also use PayPal to pay us, though it takes longer to process than calling or emailing us directly!

CT Dos Order Form Subscription


Click here to get a pdf file containing painfully detailed instructions on downloading and adding this pre-loaded order form.

Diam1004.zip  is the April 2010 order form, already pre-loaded into ComTrac format (Net prices are unchanged).  May 2010 and following will be available only to DOS order form subscribers.

Diam1003.zip  is the March 2010 order form, already pre-loaded into ComTrac format (Net prices are unchanged)  Note:  Includes January and February 2010 order forms for your convenience.

Note:  The earlier version filename was named Diam0509.zip accidentally.  For those of you importing the order form into Dos ComTrac through the menu choices, you'd find a problem in starting your order.  For those of you following the instructions below, there should not be any difference.

To use the zip order form

Download zip file to your ComTrac folder.
Unzip file using Winzip or Pkunzip or the Windows "extract" menu option..
Overwrite existing files.
You are now ready to start your Diamond order in Orders|A.


Download zip file to your ComTrac folder
Open ComTrac DOS
Go to Utilities | Option-M Dos Shell
At the command prompt type:  pkunzip filename (eg: diam308f, the extension is unnecessary)
Pkunzip will warn you that duplicates exist, type "A" for "All" to overwrite
Type "exit" and press Enter to return to ComTrac DOS
Start your order

Your old Diamond order form will have been replaced with the new file.

Go to Reserves|Perform Jobs|J-Xfer Cmx to Res to update your DOS subscriber title file.