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Receipt Printer Paper Sources
Try calling MS Cash Drawer located in Pasadena, CA at 800-544-1749.  They carry supplies for both Star and Epson receipt printers and a number of ComTrac users purchase from them.

Barcode Labels
You can purchase Avery 5160 labels at any office supply store.  They may have to special order "peelable" 5160 format labels.

We sell cases of thermal barcode label rolls for the Zebra/Eltron barcode printer for $75.00 a case.  That's 21,360 labels!  Includes s/h.

ComTrac POS Hardware Bundle
We provide a hardware bundle for our software  users as a convenience.  It includes a CCD scanner with decoder, Star receipt printer, cash drawer and a 6' parallel printer cable.  Cost, $600.00 including s/h.  Sales tax is 8.25% for California purchasers.

Most of our software users don't bother with a pole display, except for those with stores in regional shopping centers.


The Integrator
We have begun selling a metal caddy which allows retailers to hide all those cables and power cords for their POS equipment and to have the keyboard in a convenient location.  This is a very rugged unit, featuring a high-quality cash drawer.  It is available in Black or Beige/Putty.


Receipt Printers.  The Star SP-200 series printer is an economical, medium-speed ink ribbon receipt printer. We like it because it doesn't need an external power brick and supplies are relatively inexpensive.  We now offer a three-year warranty on parts and labor for Star printers.

If you want a receipt printer with a 2-part receipt and a spooler to collect the second part of the receipt, we offer an Epson printer.  Thermal receipt printers are available at higher prices than impact receipt printers.

Star receipt printers are available in both parallel and USB versions.


Scanners.  We've been selling the Fuzzy Scan CCD scanner series for 9 years. We used to sell Metrologic laser scanners, but we found that this CCD scanner has several advantages over a laser scanner:

We also offer a USB version of the Fuzzy-Scan for the same price as the wedge-reader model.

Cash Drawers. We don't really recommend a particular brand; we just look for features and price. Features we look for include:

Pole Displays

pole.gif We use HPC Partner-Tek/Logic Controls CD-5220/8220 pole displays. These are 20 digit vacuum-fluorescent displays with 9mm or 11mm character heights. As a general rule, you'll want one of these in a mall store, but otherwise, it's a matter of personal preference.

Barcode Printers If you only plan to print small numbers of barcode labels, we provide a Windows utility program for DOS software users that will print barcode labels on any Windows-compatible printer using Avery 5160 mailing labels.  Even a low-cost inkjet printer on normal print settings will print high quality labels.

For retailers with a need to print large quantities of labels or who want a smaller label form factor (2.25" wide by 0.75" high) and a very long label lifespan, we sell the Zebra (formerly Eltron). 

Over the years this dedicated barcode printer has proved to be a very reliable performer.  We recommend it very highly for anyone who needs fast, high-quality, small barcode labels.

POS Hardware Prices

Description Price
Star SP-212 Receipt Printer $275.00
FuzzyScan CCD barcode scanner $225.00
Cash drawer with SP-212 interface $150.00
Pole display $200.00
POS Economy Package
(Scanner/Printer/Cash Drawer)
Eltron Barcode Printer/1 Case Labels $575.00
Epson receipt printer with spooler $350.00

We will meet any other price for comparable POS hardware...

If you are trying to locate this POS equipment locally, you need to keep these things in mind before you buy:  All of our prices include shipping/handling.  If you find a lower price for the same equipment we'll match it.

The scanner you pick needs to be a keyboard wedge   (plugs in between computer and keyboard), it has to be able to scan the 17 digit (commonly called UPC + 5 or UPC +supplement) barcodes on comics and it needs to be able to send a preamble (a character sent before the barcode) to the computer.  (USB scanners will also work with ComTrac DOS and Win).

The printer needs to be either a Star SP-500 series or an Epson TM300-PD.

The cash drawer can be pretty much anything, as long as it is activated by the receipt printer. This type of cash drawer has a pigtail on it that looks like a regular telephone cord which plugs into the receipt printer. When a certain code is sent to the printer, it triggers the relay on the cash drawer and it opens.

Pole displays are notoriously incompatible; since no two vendors set theirs up the same way.   We recommend for simplicity that you go with one that we carry.   We will charge you a fee to modify POS to communicate with a non-standard pole display, and you'll have to ship it to us for programming and testing.

Important Notice!!!
If you buy your POS hardware from someone else, we cannot provide you with hardware support.  This means that if your equipment malfunctions during its warranty period you have to deal with your vendor!