Recommended Software

Recommended Software

WinPrint Dos to Win Print Utility

If you are a ComTrac DOS user and need to print directly to your Windows-only printer, try using this utility.  Click here to download a zip file containing the install.  We can't guarantee that it'll work properly on your PC, but a number of DOS users have installed it on their machines with good results.

Acrobat Reader
All ComTrac documentation is now published in Acrobat Reader format, which means files that have a "pdf" extension can only be accessed with this program.   Many commercial programs install Acrobat Reader on your PC so you can read their documentation.  If you don't have Acrobat, you can download it for free by visiting the Adobe website.

Free Anti-Virus Software
We recommend an anti-virus package named AVG Anti-Virus System.  It interferes less with the normal action of your PC than most of the commercial programs and is effective.  Go to to download your copy.

Mozilla Firefox Browser (Ditch Internet Explorer)
We've become converts to Firefox, an internet browser that is, in our opinion, far superior to Internet Explorer.  It's fast, flexible and offers a much higher level of protection against unwanted visitors to your PC than anything else on the market.  (Don't ditch your anti-virus program, though).

Click here to go to the Mozilla website...

Inexpensive Spam Filter

After much research, I have started using "Spam Inspector", based on a good online review that I had read. This is an unsolicited endorsement...I have no affiliation with this company.

I get a LOT of spam and was at the end of my rope. I gave the trail version a try and was very pleased. In a week's time it had stopped over 6500 spam messages and did not flag any legitimate mail after the first day or so. The program has to learn some rules about your mail habits but I found it easy to use.

I did end up buying a license and registering it and it was simple. It works far better than any other filters that I have tried. The cost was $29.95 and worth every penny in my book."


Rick Lowell
Casablanca Comics
Portland, ME

Note: Giant was purchased by Microsoft and their anti-spyware product is now the Windows Defender program. It works pretty well, but best in conjunction with another anti-spyware program like Adaware from Lavasoft.