Remote Support

We are able to offer ComTrac users Remote Support, regardless of your Internet access or tech abilities.

Windows XP

Download helpdesk.exe

Windows Vista

Download ctvistahlp.exe

We recommend downloading the Helpdesk Agent to your desktop, regardless of your version of ComTrac (DOS or Windows).

When you need remote support, follow these simple steps:

1. Telephone us at 650-579-3624 to let us know that you need remote support
2. Click on the helpdesk or ctvistahlp icon on your desktop. The icons look like this:

3. If your PC asks you whether the program should be able to talk to the Internet ("Grant Access" or "Unblock"), click on "Yes" or "OK".

4. If you are using ctvistahlp, this screen will appear:

Simply click the Connect button to receive support. No Login or Password is needed.

That's all there is to it.

We can use Helpdesk to:

Helpdesk is secure.  If anyone at your business loads Helpdesk, the only place it goes to is our Remote Support server.  No one from the "outside" can tap into your PC through Helpdesk, whether it's active or not.  When the session is over, your PC is isolated.  YOU have to initiate a Helpdesk session before we can communicate with your PC.

If you have dial-up access, we can use the "Chat" feature to talk while Helpdesk is running.  If you have cable or DSL, we can talk on the telephone while we work with your PC.