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General Information
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General Information
is an ordering and inventory control software program which was developed specially for the unique needs of the Direct Market retailer. It is available in both manual and Point-of-Sale versions. The comics industry has a number of special requirements which make mainstream "perpetual inventory" programs ineffective. Some examples of these special requirements are:

We also have included special comics-related features in our Point-of-Sale (POS) software:

and many other unique features.

You can download a demo version of ComTrac DOS from our website ("About ComTrac Software") if you have high-speed Internet access, or you can e-mail us at mel@comtrac.net for a free CD-ROM demo disk for Windows.

ComTrac Versions
There are three basic versions of the ComTrac software:  Subscriber, Basic and Plus/POS.

Subscriber automates all your subscription, special order and monthly ordering needs.  It includes special features that allow you to automatically generate unique e-mails for customers on New Comics Day, telling them which items have come in and are now waiting for them in their folders.  This is a good place for retailers to start who have minimal computer experience.

Standard  includes all the tools found in Subscriber.  We add a complete set of easy-to-use tools so you can cycle and inventory comics and selected non-comics products such as Graphic Novels, Manga or Games.  This is a good product for retailers who want a lot of control over their inventory and subscribers but don't want to get into Point of Sale yet.

Plus/POS includes all the tools found in Subscriber and Basic, and adds Point-of-Sale (POS) and multi-store capacities.  This includes a complete rental module for video and other rentals.

Upgrading Versions
The cost to upgrade from one version of ComTrac to a more powerful version is the difference in cost between the two versions.  Upgrading extends your current technical support period by 60 days.   

ComTrac Subscriber for Windows Info Sheet (PDF)

Download a two page information sheet on ComTrac Subscriber for Windows 4.0.  All information is current as of 12/26/04.

May 1, 2008
Software Prices

ComTrac software products include:

Program         O/S          Cost
Subscriber      Windows      $  300.00 USD
Basic           Windows      $  600.00 USD
Plus/POS        Windows      $1,200.00 USD

All Windows versions of ComTrac are capable of acting as a Server version for multiple remote units on a peer-to-peer LAN.

All ComTrac users are entitled to install one copy of their software on a home computer.

All copies of ComTrac Plus/POS include the ability to support up to 10 remote stations on a peer-to-peer network.

Purchase prices include the appropriate webinar training sessions.  (See below under "Training for DOS Conversions" for more information).

Leasing Options
A variety of leasing programs are available for ComTrac purchasers.  You can bundle software, hardware and specialized setup services into a single, affordable lease.  Call us for more information.

Money-Back Guarantee/Support
All ComTrac software is sold with a 60-day money-back guarantee.  Software includes six months technical support for any bugs and all maintenance upgrades for one year.  

Technical Support
Support is available on a subscription basis or on a per-incident basis.  Technical support is by telephone and e-mail.  Support also includes access to a reserved area on the ComTrac website.  

ComTrac DOS Upgrades

ComTrac DOS users who are not in support will be charged at the following rates:

Program         O/S          Cost
Subscriber      DOS          $  150.00 USD per store
Standard        DOS          $  250.00 USD per store
Plus/POS        DOS          $  350.00 USD per store

Upgrades include an upgrade for their home copy of ComTrac. 

Training for Dos Conversions

User Manual (pdf format)
We provide a completely revised User Manual for ComTrac-Windows to users.  This manual includes hyper-linked bookmarks and a hyper-linked Table of Contents to make finding information easier.  If you are very comfortable with computer programs this may be sufficient for you to learn the revised toolkit.  If you choose this option, we suggest that you give yourself several weeks at a minimum to familiarize yourself with the new Windows ComTrac format, putting in at least ten hours per week.

On-Line Video Tutorials
We have developed a number of tutorials which include screenshots, animated illustrations and accompanying voice-instructions to teach new users how to carry out the basic tasks needed to manage a comics store's weekly jobs.  These tutorials require that you have internet access for your ComTrac PC, and preferably that you have broadband.  For many retailers, the combination of the on-line tutorials and  the User Manual should be sufficient to carry you through the conversion process, especially if you are using ComTrac Subscriber or Standard/Lite.

Dedicated Webinars
We have found that a substantial number of retailers have difficulties in learning the ins and outs of a new system from a User Manual or even from the On-Line Video Tutorials.  Beginning in mid-May, we will offer a series of webinars to provide interactive training and support.  The number of webinar sessions that you participate in will vary with the type of ComTrac system you own.  Multiple staffers can participate in any single webinar session, up to the published limit of attendees.  Each session typically lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.  

We estimate that a Subscriber user will want to participate in 4-5 webinar sessions, covering all the basics of subscriptions including monthly ordering and receiving merchandise.  Estimated cost:  $200.00

We estimate that a Lite/Standard user will want to participate in 5-6 webinar sessions.  These sessions cover everything included in the Subscriber webinar series, plus topics associated with advanced ordering tasks.  Estimated cost:  $250.00

We estimate that a Plus/POS user will need to participate in 8-9 webinar sessions.  These sessions cover everything included in the Subscriber and Lite/Standard series, plus topic associated with proper use of the POS registers, advanced ordering techniques, inventory analysis techniques and data mining.  Estimated cost:  $400.00

Note:  Cost is for an entire business, not a per-store charge.

Data Conversion

We will attempt to convert existing data files for new users into ComTrac format files free of charge for ComTrac Standard and Plus/POS purchasers.

We charge between $50.00-$150.00 for data conversion for ComTrac Subscriber purchasers depending on the complexity of your data and the file format.

We recommend using HumanSoft's ComicBase program for retailers who have large quantities of back issues that they wish to track by the piece.  ComicBase can export it's contents into Excel files, which we can readily convert for you into ComTrac format.  This is the fastest and easiest way to get large numbers of back issues into a computerized system.  We will convert your Excel data from ComicBase free of charge.

Demo Systems

If you are interested in receiving more detailed information about ComTrac Windows, please call or e-mail us and we will arrange for an on-line detailed demonstration at your convenience.