Useful Links

Useful Links

These are some links to sites you may find useful or interesting if you are involved in comics or the Direct Market.

If you know of a link that should be on this page, please send us email. We're always interested in cross-posting.


Central Park Media 

Cold Cut Distribution A re-order distributor on the West Coast. You can't order current comics from them, but they are a really good source for reorders on graphic novels, trade paperbacks and independent comics.  Highly recommended! 

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund If you are a retailer and are arrested for 'selling pornography' this should be your second telephone call - after calling your lawyer.

Comic Book Industry Alliance Robert Scott runs what is one of the best forums for comics retailers and related professionals.  It has a membership of about 500 and has one of the best "signal-to-noise" ratios around!

ComicCon (News, Views, Artists, Retailers)

Comics Journal A monthly magazine of industry news and opinion, focusing mostly on graphic entertainment products.  Gary Groth, the publisher, has a highly original point of view. 

ComicsMover  This is a new on-line service which intends to make it easier for comics retailers to exchange excess or stale merchandise.  It hasn't been around long enough to evaluate.

Comics Price Guide A on-line price guide - no feedback on how useful it is.

Comic Shop News  They produce a give-away newsletter for retailers to give to customers.  They've been around for a long time.

Dark Horse

DC Comics

Diamond Comics Distributors, Inc. The only game in town for DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image and Marvel comics.  Diamond does a good job of moving masses of new comics out to retailers every week. 

The "E" Ticket - Disney fanzine 

eBay One source for back issue prices - normally lower than guide,


Gemstone Publishing (Overstreet's Fan)

Government Required Wall Poster Source If you don't want to pay for laminated copies of the mandatory Federal Government employee wall posters, go to this site for downloadable copies in Acrobat Reader (pdf) format.

Indy Previews

Internal Correspondence Milton Greipp has kept the old Capital City "Internal Correspondence" newsletter going now that he's a distribution consultant for gaming and the Direct Market.  Recommended!

Marvel Online


Wizard - The Guide to Comics The largest (and slickest) magazine aimed at sub-adult comics fans.  Contains a price guide in every issue - offers a highly distinct and focused viewpoint on current 'mainstream' comics products.

Worlds of Westfield online catalog  Internet comics ordering service.  They used to be one of the largest mail-order services.

The Master List   An indexed directory of every comic book store and trading card store in the United States & Canada, with additional worldwide listings.