Utility Files

Utility Files

Eliminate Orphaned Reserve Orders
ComTrac DOS - If you have orphaned reserve orders in ComTrac DOS because you didn't use the "zap customer" command, download this utility into your ComTrac folder and unzip it.  Double-click on resclean.exe after you have closed ComTrac.

Utility to Fix '1900' Date Problem
Comtrac DOS - Some retailers have had a problem with dates in the early 1900's showing up in their data.

Put it in your ComTrac folder
Close ComTrac
Double-click My Computer, C:, Comtrac folder
Double-click on the Fix1900.Exe icon
Start ComTrac

MakeStar Utility
(Create ComTrac-Compatible STAR File)
This utility will take version 2 of the Diamond weekly Star file and create a dbf file that is compatible with both DOS and Windows ComTrac.  For those of you who have many special orders from Star, this may help you out.  Includes documentation.  Create a folder on your PC hard drive named Makestar, download this zip file into it, unzip, read the documentation.

Roundoff Utility for Foreign ComTrac Users
Roundoff.Exe can be downloaded by clicking on this link.  This program should be run after making global price changes to Diamond Comic Dist. order forms, converting from US dollars to your currency.  This utility rounds off all prices to either the nearest 0.05 or the nearest 0.10, depending on what you choose.  Back up your data before experimenting with this utility - at least the first time you use it!

POS Sales Report
This special report will let you generate additional sales reports from your POS transaction data.

Many users have asked for a POS-based sales report so they can determine what has sold in a given time period for stocking or re-ordering purposes.

Download the file to your POS20 folder and unzip it.   Exit from POS, then run Salesrpt.Exe from the POS20 DOS prompt or use Start|Run or a shortcut to start it.

If you just want sales for a range of dates, enter the dates as prompted.  If you want sales for a range of time on the same day, enter the same starting and ending date and you'll be prompted to enter a start and end date.

This contains a variety of useful ComTrac utilities, including autofix.exe and the pkzip programs.  Download and save in your ComTrac or POS20 folder, unzip, overwrite duplicate files.