Business Plan Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Company Summary
    Company Ownership
    Start-Up Summary


Market Analysis Summary
    Market Segmentation
    Target Market Segment Strategy
    Industry Analysis
       Competition and Buying Patterns

Strategy and Implementation Summary
    Competitive Edge

Web Plan Summary
    Website Marketing Strategy
    Development Requirements

Management Summary
    Personnel Plan

Financial Plan
    Important Assumptions
    Break-Even Analysis
    Projected Profit and Loss
    Projected Cash Flow
    Projected Balance Sheet
    Business Ratios

    Personnel Table
    General Assumptions Table
    Profit and Loss Table
    Cash Flow Table
    Balance Sheet Table
    Competitor Evaluation Table
    Site and Competitors Drive-Time Zones

This business plan outline is based on Palo Alto Software's Business Plan Pro Premier 2007 edition.

Anyone can take a business plan program, fill in the blanks, and have a document that they call a business plan.  Knowing what data to put into a business plan, what the correct assumptions are and what the range of ratios to shoot for are is another matter entirely.

The great danger in any business plan program is that it's easy to be fascinated by the rows of neatly formatted numbers which all of these tools produce!

Whether the numbers make sense or not... 

We don't want to unilaterally create your business plan for you.  What we like to do is begin with your concept of your business and your knowledge of local conditions and competitors and jointly develop your business plan.  This results in a more robust plan, increases your knowledge of how the plan works and helps keep costs down.

Feel free to telephone or e-mail us with questions about your situation.