Consulting Services

Typical Consulting Services


We offer a variety of management consulting services to specialty comics and game retailers, to publishers and distributors. Over the years we have worked on projects for all three segments of the Direct Market.

While we have developed a unique specialty area in terms of Site Analysis, Select and Forecasting; we also are experienced in all phases of management consulting for Direct Market companies.

Whether it’s problem store analysis, profitability enhancement or a business plan we can assist you in reaching your goal.

Prices and Rates

Many of our projects are on a fixed fee basis. Depending on the size of the project our normal terms are 50% in advance and 50% on completion of the project.

Melchior Thompson is a recognized expert witness on the comics industry in Federal court. His hourly rate as an expert witness is $400.00 per hour plus expenses.

His hourly rate for pure consulting (where Mel sits down and responds to all questions, bringing in and making available the results of our proprietary research) is $325.00 per hour plus expenses.

His hourly rate for open-ended consulting projects is $175.00 per hour with a cap on fees agreed to in advance.

Business Plans for Specialty Comics & Game Stores

Anywhere between $1,500 to $3,500 depending on the amount of data you need us to provide and whether you are specifying the approximate location for your store or we are finding several potential locations for you.

At the upper end of the project cost we work out all the basic financials you need for a business plan, including:

• Five year pro forma

• Merchandise mix analysis for years 1 and 5

• Cost of Goods Sold analysis

• Capital Cost Requirement analysis

• Return on investment

• Penetration rate analysis for hypothetical site

All of this data is put into our Business Plan program. We work with you to develop all the non-financial components of your business plan including:

• Mission statement

• Objectives

• Financial Analysis

• Marketing

• Loan Repayment Analysis

and other topics.

Typical time required for completion is 3-8 weeks depending on how much material you already have available and the amount of work we have "in house". All business plans follow the SBA format.