Area Screening

Area Screening (Low-Cost Feasibility Study)

Whether you are interested in opening your first store or whether you are a veteran thinking of opening a second or ... store, you should consider having us perform an Area Screening for you.

What's in an Area Screening?
The simplest area or feasibility study consists of analyzing a region such as a moderately-sized metro area so as to identify 2-3 areas that are most likely to be able to support an economically viable store.

We will determine what level of first year and mature sales are needed to succeed at the rental levels typical of locations in these areas.  The provides the most basic "go no-go" information that a prospective retailer needs when planning a new store.

We also plug in all known competitors into the map or maps that we create in the process of identifying the areas most likely to be able to support a new store.

The report that we produce from this work is simple but adequate for a first business plan.  It contains:

We customarily provide three bound copies of each report plus a copy in Acrobat Reader format on diskette of the report.

Time and Cost
We normally charge $600.00-$1,600.00 for this study, which takes four weeks or less to deliver.  If you want us to examine a very large area (such as the entire Chicago-Land region) the price would be somewhat higher.