Customer/Subscriber Pin Maps

Customer/Subscriber Pin Maps

One of the quickest and most useful ways of visualizing your store's trade area is to plot the location of your customers or subscribers on a local map. 

austin pinmap.jpg

Look at this pin map of the Austin, Texas area a few years ago.  This data is taken from a store which is no longer in business.  See how their subscribers are clustered tightly around the community of Round Rock.  They have almost no customer penetration into Austin, and little penetration in the lightly-populated but very prosperous suburban areas to their North.

This store may have had problems with its location, merchandise mix or other issues which made it relatively unattractive to potential customers.  But taking an annual snapshot of where your customers or subscribers are coming from is a quick and inexpensive diagnostic for your store.

The breadth and areas of concentration for your customers show give quite a bit of information about your store's ability to attract customers from a distance.

An absence of customers from close-in areas where you'd normally expect reasonable penetration can show which competitors are most effective.  (We can add all your competitors to this kind of map).

Comparing a pin map before and after a new competitor opens can show you graphically where they have succeeded in attracting some of your business.

We just looked at a pin map for a customer that clearly showed that if they moved their store about 2-3 miles north of their current location they could increase their sales by almost 25%!

And examining pin maps can show you where you want to focus some of your marketing time and money.

Give us a data file containing your customer addresses (ComTrac users can send us their Rescusts.Dbf file), we'll add your competitors to the data and print out 8x10" maps for $45 USD.  If you want a laminated 11x17" map your cost will be $60 USD.