DOS Order Dept Error
ComTrac checks "specialties" to make sure they have an department code.

Open your order in progress.
You are now in the List View.
Use the SHOW command to checkmark "Ordered" and "Non-Comics" (it may be "Specialties", cannot remember, it's one or the other) The list view should shrink so that only items that are ordered and not comics show.
Press [Enter] while the highlight bar is on the first item.
This puts you into Form View.
If you press the "Std Order" button, you can edit the contents of the first item.
At the top of the screen you'll see a department code field.
Enter the dept code, or enter "MISC" if you don't care about dept codes.
Note:  "MISC" has to be entered in the Dept File, which is accessible through ComTrac in Utilities|A | B | C.

The reason Comtrac dos does this is to make sure all non-comics have dept codes.  We originally forced users to enter missing dept codes during the posting process -- most dos users decided this was better.